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Couture Training Academy online courses mean you can balance your time to suit you. 

Once you have paid for any of our online courses, one of our team members will be in touch to send you all your online information to start your course.


CryoPen Course

CryoPen safely removes unsightly skin tags, warts, age spots and other benign skin lesions. Painlessly, perfectly, in seconds.

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Plasma Pen Course

Plasma Pen is used to non-surgically treat virtually any area of the body to tighten, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate skin to dramatically eliminate lines and wrinkles.

Professional Facial

Derma Pen Course

You need to be trained in skincare and/or facials to be able to enrol on his course.

Dermaplaning Course

The course entry:

6 months of experience in something beauty related, Beauty therapists level 2 & 3, Skin specialist, Nurse & Doctor.

Hyaluron Pen Course

You need to be trained in skincare and facial massage competent to be able to enrol on this course.

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